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Picnic in the Sky

Picnic in the Sky

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Join us for the perfect picnic in the sky at Galvin at Windows this Summer.

Summer in London is a glorious time - the city glitters under the sun and the possibilities for fun are endless, so much better when shared with friends. A picnic is the perfect way to gather those friends together and enjoy yourselves but the parks are crowded and putting together the right combination of food and drink then carrying them to find the one clear space can be… Tiresome. Galvin at Windows has the beautiful advantage of taking in a view over the whole city and if you book with us there will always be the perfect space for you. Add to this for £29 we will give you two perfectly mixed cocktails and a complimentary picnic sharer featuring mini burger, sausage roll, Korean chicken, spring roll, manchego cheese & smoked chilli jam, lemon & fig tart. Available Monday-Friday from 12pm until 12am, Saturday from 3pm to 7pm and Sunday 12pm until 7pm, until 30th November.





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